System to describe the chemical formulas for WEB.

Formulas from names

Chemical formulas generation from the names of substances
Enter the name of substance :

These is the test version of the service generating formulas from the names.
Currently available for the analysis of several simple classes of substances. But in the future opportunities of analyzer will be expand.
However, now the number of successfully recognized names are estimated by tens of thousands.
Any error messages, requests or suggestions can be sent to:


Chemical formulas are generated by analyzing the name of the substance injected. Therefore following situations may occur:

  • The substance can not exist in reality. For example, chlorine sulfate or sodium chloride (VIII).
  • Name of the substance may not conform to the rules of nomenclature. For example 5-chloropentane (instead of 1-chloropentane).
  • The substance may have a specific structure that is different from the general rules. For example, Phosphorus pentoxide
Unfortunately, in such cases, no warning is issued.

If the formula is not found by name, then it could be several reasons:
  • The title should be no grammatical errors.
  • Required to specify the correct locants. Wrong: 2,3-chlorobutane. Right: 2,3-dichlorobutane. Furthermore, wrong: hlormetan. Right: 1-chloromethane.
  • But most likely, the name may belong to the class of substances that are not yet supported by the parser.
Do not attempt to enter the names of the following substances:
  • Coordination complex
  • Cyclic compounds
  • Ethers, esters and other compounds where the carbon chain is broken by otherwise element.
  • Complex radicals require parentheses or numbers with an apostrophe.
Unfortunately, the list is not complete ...


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