System to describe the chemical formulas for WEB.

System to describe the chemical formulas for WEB

Brief description of the site and the CharChem system.

If you post on the Internet materials for chemistry, you probably wondered: how to insert a chemical formula in html?
CharChem system designed to solve this problem.
With the help of CharChem the formula described by special text commands, as close to the original form of the formulas. And then these descriptions are automatically displayed in the usual form for chemists.
For example, to derive the formula H2SO4 in the form of HTML is required this description: H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>. But the textual CharChem description looks much easier: H2SO4.

In that case you need to use the structural formulas, we have to add to your bitmap images. It is much more difficult than typing. And if you need a small correction, it can be a nightmare.
Using CharChem you can describe the structural formulas in the form of text commands. Although it is not as easy as H2SO4, but, in any case, they are easier to manage than bitmaps.

On this site you can read the description of formulas with CharChem, download the various system components or you can use a test stand for service information.

Key features of CharChem

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