System to describe the chemical formulas for WEB.
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The old name easyChem was too common. New name: CharChem.
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Chemical reactions' reference

Search chemical reactions.
Reaction equation:
Enter a description for the reaction search
  • Description of the reaction consists of formulas. Instead of formulas, you can enter the names of the reactants.
  • Reagents should be separated by characters: + = -> <=>
  • Description reagent necessarily be separated from these signs space.
  • If you enter the formula, take the case of letters when specifying elements. For example, Co - cobalt, CO - carbon monoxide, co - an erroneous entry.
  • To describe the use of the ion charge record: H^+, OH^-, Ca^++, SO4^2-
  • Coefficients need not be specified.
  • Detailed description of easyChem rules : linear, structural.


  • Zn + HNO3 =
  • = acetone
  • H2O <=> H2